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Business - Economy - September 14, 2022

How Will Elections Be Made in Metaverse?

“Who would you vote for if there was an election in the Metaverse?”

The world is going to a very different place since the concept of Metaverse entered our lives. Lands, cryptocurrencies, decentralized structures and many other things that we have not mentioned have started to take place in our lives.

So, is it possible to make a choice in the meta universe? Let’s see together.


I want you to imagine a system where there is no electoral board, vote counting is controlled by systems, and elections are held entirely in the virtual universe.

Sounds pretty interesting, right? It’s not interesting, it should sound pretty interesting. Because a decentralized choice awaits us in the future in the meta universe.

In countries with democratic elections, parliamentary elections are usually held every few years. The reason why I say a few years here is because the election calendar of each country is different.

Some countries hold elections every four years, some countries every five years, some countries every six years. However, in the meta universe, the elections will be made according to the election laws determined by the people and people included in the meta universe. In the formation of these election laws, the places you open the topic such as forum sites will be effective.

It will be voted on, debated and it will become law. Election laws will be valid in the entire meta universe and the right to change will be decided by those in the meta universe. Therefore, a system of law that does not rely on a central authority will emerge. The control of the system will be left to the computer systems, not to the person or persons. Computer systems will carry out their controls completely within the framework of logic and will be the controllers of the fair system. For example, administrators of a community, community, town, county, province, or state in the meta universe; The election board will be elected with a system controlled by computers, and vote counting will also be carried out by computers.

Therefore, the doubt that can be made in the election will be prevented in this way. Computer-controlled systems will rank the candidates in the meta universe and will constantly organize elections among the candidates, thanks to the algorithms they have. The calendars of these elections and the number of rounds will be determined by those living in the meta universe. So why would there be permanent elections?

Because the meta universe includes all humanity and the number of candidates will be quite high. Let’s say a thousand candidates are competing, do you want to think for hours which one you will vote for? I don’t think anyone wants to think about that. However, it is easier for you to vote in an election where three candidates are competing.

This is why candidates must be in a constant marathon.

If humans were computer-based machines instead of carbon-based creatures, they wouldn’t need managers. For this reason, people will always need managers, even in the virtual universe. As a result, it is quite possible in the future that elections, vote counting, and electoral boards and controllers will be computerized in the meta-universe.

Arda Alkaç


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