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Health & Living - September 19, 2022

Danger Can Be Minimized With Metaverse

We make inferences about some events we encounter in our daily lives. Actions such as meeting with a relative or friend, going to class, sleeping in the classroom are all events. Apart from such events, there are events that frighten us, so to speak, frighten us. We call these events “dangers”. Apart from natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, fire, human disasters; war, air pollution, etc. Seriously affects our daily life. In today’s article, we will try to minimize these dangers.

The tool we will use to minimize the dangers will be Metaverse.

Now let’s write a scenario together. You are sleeping at home on a Tuesday evening in a hot August, and there is no significant abnormality around you. A loud noise is heard at night and the building you are in suddenly begins to shake. You are jumping out of your bed with fear and if you have a family, you have to protect them first. Your brain functions are driving you away from logical thinking. In short, you are in an environment dominated by panic. The magnitude of the shaking is increasing and the building is now behaving beyond the designed safety limit. Before your eyes, the building stock is starting to crackle. You look at your loved ones for the last time and slowly the building begins to collapse. A few hours later, by chance, you end up in a space under the rubble and are ejected alive. When you look back, the bodies of your loved ones are removed from the rubble. In a way that you can’t forgive yourself, you turn around and start crying. This event that I am talking about has happened many times in Turkey recently and it continues to happen.

Which of us would like to leave their loved ones like this? I’m sure none of us would.

Let’s go back in time a little. You have returned home from your workplace and you are quite tired. You’re sitting in front of the TV and you can’t get up. The glasses you use to connect to the meta universe are right next to you. At that time, a notification comes to your smartphone. “Earthquake Education at 21:00 in the Meta universe”. You looked at your phone and you know that there are various institutions, organizations, non-governmental organizations and associations where you can get this training. However, you are quite tired both mentally and physically and you cannot get up. This is where the meta universe comes into play. After you put on your glasses and connect to the relevant training, you lie on your seat and all you have to do is just watch.

The training starts at 21:00, you watch a presentation that will not bore the person concerned with the earthquake and is supported by visual factors. After watching this presentation, you are informed that the simulation will start. The simulation takes place in a home environment. The high-rise building I refer to as home here. At that moment, a jolt begins and you find that you have a checklist of what to do. The checklist includes instructions on what to do in the event of an earthquake. You earn points when you do each instruction correctly. With these points you have received, it is a ticket for the next simulation. After you pass the specified threshold score, you complete the training for high-rise buildings. The next education is the workplace. These simulations continue in various environments and you become conscious of what to do in the event of an earthquake. In fact, you take part in a simulation on what to do in the event of a tsunami. Do not miss the tsunami, a tsunami took place in Turkey in the Aegean Sea earthquake in 2020. When it’s 22:30, you take off your glasses. You are experiencing the happiness of participating in the earthquake training you attended while taking a deep breath and going to bed, both visually and actively.

The scenario I described above in the third paragraph was not actually a scenario. I mentioned the 17 August 1999 Gölcük Earthquake. I am sure his influence will not be forgotten for a long time. Although twenty-three years have passed since the earthquake, we still have many shortcomings. In the past twenty-three years, thousands of earthquakes have happened and continue to happen. What about us? How long will our belief that these static structures we live in will protect us from all kinds of shocks? “Building kills, not earthquakes.” Instead of the sentence “Not earthquake, unconsciousness kills.” It would be more logical to say. This unconsciousness causes human life and material damage. We can minimize this unconsciousness with the Meta universe. This includes the disasters that I mentioned at the beginning of the text. Thanks to the possibilities that Metaverse has brought, we can minimize the “Danger” created by disasters.

Arda Alkaç


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