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Health & Living - September 21, 2022

Artificial Intelligence Based Voice Health Assistant: Albert Health

Chronic patients can live a simpler everyday life thanks to the Albert Health application, which provides features including managing medical records, monitoring medication use, and participating in online video conferences with medical experts. Due to the voice assistant’s support for artificial intelligence, the capabilities given by the program can be used pleasantly by patients. The application can be used by users just by speaking. He can set up medicine reminders, log his metrics like blood pressure and blood sugar, and make notes on his therapies by speaking to his digital assistant who supports him. Sabancı Ventures, which was founded by Sabancı Holding to assist initiatives, invested in the Albert Health mobile application, one of the applications that combines health with artificial intelligence, which is one of the most actively researched topics today.

In medicine, a chronic disease is characterized as a long-term illness that arises for a variety of reasons, lacks a clear course of therapy, and necessitates a waiting period before the disease’s signs and symptoms manifest. 50% of chronic patients do not take their prescriptions as directed, even though it is crucial for these patients to take regular medication. 200,000 people die because of this issue just in Europe. As of right now, Albert Health, which was founded in August 2018 and is referred to as Turkey’s “first” voice health assistant, is positioned as a voice health assistant that assists chronic patients in managing their treatments. The business’s goal is to provide older patients with effective treatment follow-up and use artificial intelligence-based algorithms to address issues brought on by incorrect medicine dosage. Albert keeps track of blood pressure, sugar, and pulse readings as well as reminders for often taken medications. Health metrics are tracked in this way, making health monitoring simpler. All the patients’ health metrics are recorded by the system, which has a user interface suitable for people of all ages and shared with their doctor or family members.
Aiming to provide a comprehensive healthcare system that makes the best use of sound technology, where chronic patients of all ages can easily manage their treatment, Albert Health, a UK- based company founded by three former Siemens employees named Recai Serdar Gemici, Serhat Uzun, and Ensar Güneşdodu, is currently continuing its operations at Acbadem University Incubation Center. It now serves as a platform.

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