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Science & Technology - September 9, 2022

Keeping Memories Alive with Artificial Intelligence

Do you believe that artificial intelligence, one of the most hotly debated topics in modern technology, can be used to preserve memories? We are aware of research in which different memories are brought back to life by using artificial intelligence to create a sense of reality. For instance, Israel-based MyHeritage, which is renowned for its online platform for producing genealogy, employs Deepfake technology to reproduce images of the deceased. To alleviate the longing for deceased family members, Deep Nostalgia uses video animation to bring old images to life and even brings out the smiles of the subjects. Thus, it moves the people in the ancient photos in a realistic fashion by utilizing this program, which it launched with the claim of bringing to life the family images hanging on the walls and dusting in the albums.


Along with these uses, Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa has shown how the addition of a distinct function to artificial intelligence can be used to jog people’s memory. A speech recording was played to Alexa, and with the help of this new function, Alexa was able to mimic the voice using artificial intelligence. Alexa proceeded to respond to his questions with this voice after playing this audio recording to him. The capability that will be added to Alexa, according to a statement from Amazon, will make sure that the memories of the departed are kept current.


The late grandma would be able to recite a fairy tale to her grandson at bedtime, according to Rohit Prasad, senior vice president of Amazon and Alexa’s chief scientist. If the deceased was a much- loved member of the family, the voice of that person would be perpetually replicated by a voice assistant in the home, giving the user a sensation of realism that, over time, might have a harmful impact on their psychology.

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