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Real Estate - September 10, 2022

How to Shop on Metaverse

Since the meta-universe came into our lives, we are evolving into a very different world today. This formation, whose name we did not hear until two years ago, is now appearing at almost every point. It continues to be influential in education, health, artificial intelligence, life, business, economy and dozens of other fields that we have not mentioned, and this effect will continue for years. I want to touch on a different issue. Why should we shop in the meta universe?

First of all, we need to know why we shop, rather than the objects that come to mind when shopping is mentioned. Really, why are we shopping? To be happy? For objects to help us? Or is it just to spend money? What is this shopping?

For the definition of shopping, it is essential that we go back in history. We also need to go back to what we bought using a commodity. You know, that date when we wanted a spear for five stones (the pebbles we know). In those days, maybe people did not know the concept of shopping, but they were making changes. As time progressed, these changes began to not match and balance each other. Think about it, if you were given a kilo of tomatoes for one Bitcoin today, would you accept it? Here’s the unbalanced change I’ve been talking about, that’s exactly what shopping is. Therefore, a means of change was needed. This is an object that only changes shape today was invented. This object is nothing but money, which every human being on earth needs.

Money has been used for ages and continues to be used. Today, it appears as cryptocurrencies. In the coming years, we will see that the money (fiat, nominal) in circulation gradually loses its importance and value. Now, back to our question. Why do we shop? If you had asked this question to someone who lived in Europe a hundred years ago, they would most likely have said, “To meet needs.” You would have your answer. When we ask today, we get the same answer, to meet the needs. A hundred years ago, we did not have any needs such as smartphones or Premium membership. However, today, we see that we have a need in areas we have never known, and we use the tools of change to meet our needs. Here, the meta universe will also become a necessity for us.

In our daily life, food, cleaning, etc. We go to the markets to meet our needs. We go to the stores to meet our technology and clothing needs. In fact, we go to the theater and the opera to meet our artistic needs. So what would it be like if you could do all this from your seat? For example, you are working at a job and you are going to buy yourself a nice suit. However, your time is limited to buy a suit. I’m not talking about other possibilities (no trousers length, too big or too tight). Here you can get the object you need thanks to the meta universe. You also know that we will all have a character in the meta universe. This character we have created will represent our physical characteristics (height, weight, body structure). So, you can put on your glasses and go to any clothing store and get your suit after trying it on in the meta universe. It will even be delivered to the address you specified immediately within the same day. That way, you won’t miss your job interview or mess up your appointment. Also, you want to meet some needs of your home while traveling on the intercity road. However, for various reasons, time is not on your side. Of course, you can’t blame this limited time. Instead, you can see your needs visually and buy after putting on your glasses and logging into the meta universe. I think it would be better if you see the items you have purchased at your door ten minutes after you arrive at your home. But you can say that there are various applications in this regard (companies that are at the door in ten minutes). You may be partially right, but if you want to buy a carpet for your home, you may not find the product you are looking for in such applications. I want you to look at it from a broad perspective. Who knows, while reading these lines, you can create many innovations in your mind that I could not think of.

Shopping is an action to meet the need. The purposes of this action may be different. Some of us want to reach an object that they really need, some of us seek their needs to increase their social status. That’s why I think the time we spend accessing our needs is important. In order to regain this time, we can spend the remaining time for ourselves, our family and friends by doing our shopping in the meta universe. Since the time that people spend to get to know themselves is also a need, the meta universe will play a very active role in meeting our needs.

Arda Alkaç


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