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Health & Living - September 11, 2022

Compatibility of Metaverse with Real Life

Today, you may have heard and seen those who bought land in the metaverse. Those who want to quickly take advantage of the “Real Estate in Metaverse” opportunity offered by various sites or applications cause the land prices to increase significantly, but it is showing itself day by day that the demand on this subject will not be enough for the supply offered. In fact, if you look at it, our topic is not about real estate land in the Meta universe. Today we will talk about the compatibility of the “real estate land” that you have or will have with real life.

Let’s say you are a newly married couple. You will experience some differences of opinion on how beautiful the house you will live in should be. Beige sofa set, brown bedroom set, curtains, carpets, electronic goods and many other elements that we can’t name will tire you financially and morally. First of all, you will go to the stores and get prices, you will look at the electronic goods of different brands…

All of these cause very serious attrition before marriage. In fact, for those who do not want to take all this trouble, collective household sets are also offered to consumers. Well, what if you did all of this in the meta universe?

Let’s say you are sitting on a chair or sofa with the person you are going to marry and wearing the glasses used to connect to the meta universe. You will buy items for your home and you will be able to visit all the stores in the city you live in through the meta universe. You will be able to experience all the items you want to buy for your home in the shops you visit. In fact, you will have the opportunity to create a simulation of the house you have rented or purchased and to configure it according to your own taste. For example, you will be able to choose and place the sofa set you have chosen for the living room, the electronics you have chosen for the kitchen, your carpets and curtains. Having options to see the simulation of the products you have chosen live in the meta universe and to make changes will save you from visiting the store. A few days after you make the payment in the same environment, your belongings will arrive at your home and you will be able to reach the order you dream of thanks to the meta universe.

In another example, let’s say you are a business person. You want to establish a manufacturing factory, but your time is extremely limited. This is where the meta universe comes into play. How Does? The factory you will set up must have certain machines. For example, you want to be an automobile manufacturer. The raw materials used in vehicle making will enter from one part of the factory and at the end of the production line, you will eventually get a car. For this example, which is quite comprehensive, there may be some places that I have missed. In general, you can arrange many components in the meta universe, such as machines to process and shape the incoming raw materials, robots to be used in assembly, paint shop. While making arrangements, you can make your investment within the determined limits by using the cost and time factor in the most efficient way. Considering that companies are trying to optimize the reach of the blue collar personnel who will work on the assembly line with their hand tools, the benefit of the meta universe in this regard will be an indisputable fact.

There is no initiative, company or organization about what I mentioned above yet. Currently, you cannot find an environment in the meta universe where you can tour the furniture store, set up a factory and choose the food products to buy for your home. However, in the future, all the thoughts I mentioned above will come true.

Perhaps you will now read these articles in the meta universe.

Arda Alkaç


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