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Science & Technology - September 11, 2022

Isaac Asimov and The Laws Of The Robot

In this essay, I’ll explain in detail Issac Asimov’s three basic robot principles, which many of us have heard before. First and foremost, let us discuss who Issac Asimov is and why he devised these robot principles. Issac Asimov, full name Isaak Yudovich Ozimov, was born to a Jewish family in Russia on January 2, 1920, the son of Judah Ozimov and Anna Rachel Asimov (Berman). When Isaac was three years old, his family moved to the United States. They decided to make their home in Brooklyn, New York. Because Yiddish (the language of Ashkenazi Jews) and English are continuously used at home, Isaac Asimov, as he is now known, is unable to learn Russian. He does, however, learn to read and write in English before starting school. As a result, he develops a passion for reading that will last the rest of his life. His father, on the other hand, is a pious man who wants Isaac to read holy texts and become a rabbi. Judah Asimov, Isaac’s father, bought a candy store when Isaac was six years old. Although the shop has magazines for him to read, Isaac, who spends his free time at his father’s candy store, is not allowed to read them.

Because these periodicals, according to Father Judah Asimov, flood children’s heads with a lot of garbage. The materials in the public library, according to Baba Asimov, are suitable for reading and pose no danger to his kid. As a result, he gives her a library card. Isaac has been going to the library with his mother every day since that day. From Greek mythology to Shakespeare, Charles Dickens to popular scientific books, he reads everything he can get his hands on. One of the first steps he took toward becoming a writer who will alter the area of Science Fiction in the future was his curiosity for reading, which began at a young age. Asimov reads in several chapters later in life but fails in a few. Due to health issues, he had to leave some of them halfway.

He completed his doctorate at Boston Medical School and remained a faculty member during the final years of his schooling. After a few years as a teacher at this school, he decides to pursue science fiction writing as a career objective, which he has been interested in for years and which has started to pay off for him. Interplanetary travel, telekinetic skills, and robotics are common themes in his science fiction books. However, the robots in Asimov’s writings are not the same as the killer robots that were popular at the time. The robots in Asimov’s stories aren’t evil monsters plotting to exterminate humans. His robots are

constructors, servants, and, most significantly, they are bound by the renowned Three Robot Laws. Asimov’s Three Laws of Robots, which were inspired by John W. Campbell, Editor of Astounding Magazine, are as follows:

First Law: A robot may not harm or let a human be harmed.

Second Law: A robot must obey a human’s orders if they do not conflict with the first rule. Third Law: A robot is obliged to protect its own existence if it does not conflict with the first and second rules.

These guidelines were developed with the assumption that in the future, robots will assist humans. Asimov’s words on the fear of robots are as follows:

“I have two points of view: first, I don’t believe robots are demons out to harm their creators. Because I believe that the people who build robots will have the knowledge and capacity to incorporate vehicles into the robots that will secure their own safety. Second, I believe that as soon as robots or machines in general develop enough intelligence to replace us, they should do so.” – Isaac Asimov


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