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Health & Living - September 21, 2022

How Will Dreams Be Shaped in the Metaverse?

Dreams have a very different place in human life. People shape their worlds of thought and imagination by being influenced by the images they see in their dreams from time to time. Images seen in dreams are forgotten over time and may be perceived as real events by combining with real cultural and environmental elements without being aware of it. Icons, images, images seen; It is the manifestation of the unconscious, the mental activation during sleep, the emergence of dreams. Famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud thinks dreams are hidden and repressed emotions. Studies show that dreams can be interpreted differently according to different cultures and religions. For example, it can be interpreted differently in the religion of Islam and differently in the religion of Christianity.

Assuming we live in the metaverse world, what would dreams be like? We will be in a virtual environment while awake in the Metaverse world, but we will be in a different environment when we are asleep, and the signs in this direction show that our Metaverse character will wake up when we wake up. Considering the conditions of today’s neurotechnology, it is not possible to interfere with dreams and to see previously designed dreams. The Metaverse realm has the potential to be included in our dreams as neurotechnology transcends its present boundaries. This situation can reach such a level that with the possibility of recording beautiful dreams that were not planned beforehand, it is possible to continue to have these dreams while awake. Whether or not these waking dreams will taste like real dreams is a matter of debate because dreams occur in the 4th stage of sleep, REM, the mind is extremely active in REM sleep, but the situation is chemically different from what we are when we are awake. When dreaming, that is, in REM sleep, the brain is deficient in neuroadrenaline and serotonin. These chemicals help the brain solve problems and remember. Due to the lack of these chemicals during dreams, the brain has difficulty remembering dreams. Therefore, it seems that in order for waking dreams to taste like real dreams, chemicals in the brain need to be intervened. In addition to this situation, other Metaverse worlds can be created inside the Metaverse world, which means that other worlds can be created even for dreams that we can see while we sleep.

It is really a matter of great curiosity what can emerge when the Metaverse is combined with human neurology. I will be researching the developments on this subject with great excitement and will be sharing them with you in my other articles.

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