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Health & Living - September 23, 2022

Does Living in the Metaverse Reduce Wars in the Real World?

One of the important events that took place throughout human history is wars. The course of the world, the cultures of countries and societies have been greatly affected as a result of wars waged by countries or certain communities for the sake of their interests or to defend themselves. As a result of the wars that countries or communities start for the sake of their interests, unfortunately, innocent people are the ones who suffer the real harm. The proverb “When the elephants fight, the grass gets trampled” explains this situation very well.

Today, although wars take place in the economy and informatics, there are still those that take place physically, so their impact on human life is unfortunately at the highest level. Even if cyber wars directly affect human life, they can affect them indirectly. When we start living in the metaverse world, do cyber wars affect our world as much as physical wars? Of course, this depends on how much we depend on the Metaverse world, but it seems that the Metaverse will be our new universe in the future, and the wars that take place in this world can affect us psychologically, even if they do not affect us physically. Psychological damage will inevitably be manifested physically as well.

Physically fought wars require a great deal of preparation, a great deal of treasure, a great deal of strategy and intelligence, a strong army, and community support. Because of these requirements, physical wars are not easy wars to wage and maintain. When it comes to wars that can take place in the Metaverse, wars that can take place in this world will not have as many requirements as physical wars. Hardware and various software requirements such as quantum computers, which are in their infancy today, will play an important role in these wars. Of course, it will not be easy for every country to reach such requirements, but there are many countries that have taken important steps in these areas. It seems that such battles, whose requirements are thought to be less than physical battles, will occur more frequently than physical battles. As there are multiple Metaverse worlds, it is currently unpredictable how these wars will take place, I hope another war will never be started. Even if we begin to live entirely in the Metaverse, the ambitions and plans of the real world will never end as they will never end in the history of humanity, but thanks to the Metaverse, such wars can take place less and we can suffer less damage as humanity.

There are many questions that make us think about this subject. Will a section related to Metaverse be opened within the General Staff of the Countries? Will we see the military equipment developed by the countries in Metaverse? As time goes on, we will find answers to such questions.

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