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Health & Living - September 21, 2022

Can We Smell in Metaverse?

Senses have a very important role in our life. We cannot think a life without them. We have a sense among 5 senses which has a great contribution in the enjoyment of our life. This sense is sense of smell. Sense of smell plays a very important role in memory, also affects 75% of our daily emotions. Smells are transmitted to olfactory sector in limbic system via olfactory receptors. Limbic system is responsible from our emotional life, also very related to formation of memories and retrieval of memories from autobiographical memory. Since olfactory system exists in our brain, it is quite connected to psychological situation, memory, stress and concentration. Studies of Toronto University shows that memories which is triggered by smells tend to be more emotional, more clear and more intense. Besides these features, thanks to sense of smell, we are able enjoy the moment by smelling a delicious food or fragrant flower and beautify our lives.

Till now, the senses which were managed to transmitted through technology were sense of sight and sense of hearing. We were not able to try out technologies that allows to smell a perfume or sea scent. Recently, studies about transmission of smells in the digital way has been increased. There are studies about increasing connection of smell with digital environment such as electrical scent machine which is developed by Malesian researchers, Essence Chip, Scentee and VR Sense. Brands such as perfume and coffee companies support the technical developments in this field. This untouched field has a great commercial potential. Companies that want to be the best in Metaverse has to concentrate in this technology. Realization of the digital transmission of the sense of smell is indispensable in order to make people live realistic experiences in the virtual world, even in order to make people be able to live in the virtual world as showed in the science-fiction movies. Big tech companies such as Microsoft might have a plan to buy companies that are concentrated on this technology, it is a very likely plan.

I believe that great strides will be made in regards of transmission of smells in the digital environment until 2030. Apparently, a world where all of the senses are combined with technology awaits us in the future.

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I am a computer engineering student who develops himself continuously in AI field and wants to dive deep in this field. My aim is implementing awesome projects that combines AI and health fields.

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