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Science & Technology - September 21, 2022

One of the Best Metaverse Projects – 1

The concept of metaverse has become a term that is in the first place among the concepts that are being heard frequently today. In this virtual universe, where people find the concreteness they seek in the abstract world, we can engage in activities such as participating in many activities or producing and selling something with our virtual characters. There are many projects developed for the metaverse to engage in such activities. New metaverse projects are emerging by many companies day by day. In this article, we will examine some of these types of projects, all of which have different purposes and possibilities. None of them are investment advice; the purpose of our article is only to explain the contents of these projects and to prepare a document for you.

This project is cited as one of the best in the metaverse universe. Sandbox provides an environment where users can create virtual characters and also play games and share them on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as monetize them. In this decentralized and play-to-earn project, virtual land can be traded with its own NFT. In addition, with free software such as VoxEdit and Game Maker that Sandbox offers to users, users can create many assets such as games, characters, NFTs and art galleries for free.

Over (OVR) is a metaverse platform for games, live performances, tutorials, avatars and even tourism. This project is a decentralized infrastructure that combines the physical and virtual world with Augmented Reality (AR) and can also add a new dimension to the AR Metaverse by suggesting that anything is possible. You can get involved in the ecosystem offered by Over by purchasing the OVRLands they have introduced. You can also buy your OVRLands on the world map by auctioning a region (hexagon-shaped regions) you want. You can also add 3D models that you have designed to the land you bought. All you have to do to do these things is to create your unique, personal avatar and join this world. You can also make your avatar for free from Over’s App.

Decentraland (MANA) is among the oldest and best projects in the metaverse. It can be said that it is a big metaverse project when compared to many metaverse projects. You can build many things and buy and sell with MANA coin in Decentraland. You can also buy from the parcels called LAND and add the things you have built to your parcel. You can create your own avatar and meet many people and visit their parcels. Outside of buildings, you can create artworks and decors with the Builder tool they provide to users. Also, more experienced creators can create games and applications for this metaverse using software developer equipment (SDK). Many users can play your created games and the produced applications can be used.
The increase in the number of projects created for the metaverse every day leaves users who want to enter the metaverse world undecided about which project to choose. It should be said that each project has many advantages and disadvantages and has different purposes. I think that before getting involved in a project, taking these situations into consideration and making a decision after extensive research is the best way for metaverse users to go. In our next article, we will continue to cover the best known metaverse projects.

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I am senior year student at ITU Computer Engineering Department. I am working on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision topics. I am interested in Aerospace, Metaverse and Virtual Reality. I like following up-to- date scientific and technological research.

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