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Health & Living - September 21, 2022

Metaverse and The Matrix: A New Door to the Virtual World

Throughout our lives, we have experienced many moments when it is very difficult to make a decision. Sometimes it can be very difficult to predict the outcome of the decisions we will make. Decisions made after a long brainstorming process may lead to unexpected results. Or the decisions we can make without thinking about it may be the most logical decisions we have ever made. Sometimes there is a moment when we have to make this decision as a society instead of making it alone. The consequences of these decisions we will make in such situations may have the potential to affect not only just a few individuals, but also a community, a country, or even the whole world. A while ago, we made a very important decision for the future of humanity. We chose one of the blue and red colored pills.

The concept of “Metaverse”, which was introduced to us a long time ago by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel “Snow Crash” and talked about a fictional world, has become a very popular topic today. In line with the decisions taken by world-famous big companies, virtual universes outside our own universe have begun to be established. We are talking about a virtuality where we can build and demolish things with our virtual personality, buy or sell items with cryptocurrencies, drive thousands of kilometers using cars and even go to events in metaverse. You may have noticed that such a virtual universe is very similar to the virtual world that was the subject of the movie The Matrix, which was released in 1999. Mankind now wants to create its own Matrix.

A meta-universe where we think we can live freely, far from the real world… A new universe, where we can break away from the reality in our world and live with the personalities we create in the virtual world, has become a very attractive offer for many people. So how do we get into this virtual world? Through a pipe we can connect at the back of our head like in the movie The Matrix? It is very likely that the number of people who would accept such a method may be low. Instead, it is thought that we can switch to the virtual world with glasses called Virtual Reality (VR). With the Meta Quest 2 VR glasses released by Oculus, which Meta (formerly Facebook) bought, it has become possible for us to navigate in the virtual world. It should not be too difficult to say that in the coming years, these glasses may be replaced by microchips that can be inserted into the human brain. Neuralink, owned by Elon Musk, aims for human-computer interaction with a microchip that can be implanted in the human brain. There have been people who claim that these chips, which are currently being tested on monkeys, are even found in Covid-19 vaccines. However, these claims did not go beyond rumors. Maybe after a while, we can have a technology where we can establish virtual world connections with a microchip without the need for VR glasses and a pipe connection like in the movie The Matrix.


So, can we really have the freedom we expect in the metaverse universe? A virtual universe where there is no rule creates the possibility that it can bring many problems with it. Will we encounter the actions of malicious people in the metaverse universe we have created, like the Matrix agents who are after evil in the Matrix world with black suits? To say unequivocally yes or no to the answer to this question is to look very firmly ahead. However, for the security of this ever-growing formation, measures such as digital police or digital rules will need to be taken.

How realistic do you think it is to create a metaverse universe that resembles a Matrix universe? Will this virtual universe really become a very large entity in the future? We will have the opportunity to get definitive answers to these questions in the coming years. However, it should be noted that before the 1990s, we considered that the concept of the “internet” could have such an impact on our daily lives as a very fanciful subject. But right now, the internet covers a very large part of our lives. So, just as we can browse different websites on the internet, can’t we navigate different worlds and even different universes? Could we also be in prejudice for the metaverse universe as we had that for the internet when the times internet is not as popular as today’s world? We can discuss all of these questions in detail in our future articles and come to good conclusions. However, the most important conclusion we can draw at the moment is that we chose the red one from the red and blue colored pills handed to us.

Evren Çetinkaya


I am senior year student at ITU Computer Engineering Department. I am working on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision topics. I am interested in Aerospace, Metaverse and Virtual Reality. I like following up-to- date scientific and technological research.

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