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Health & Living - September 20, 2022

How Long Will the Average Human Lifespan Be in the Metaverse?

The length of human lifespan is a subject that has been researched a lot and still continues to be researched. As we know, people used to die earlier in the past. Generally, the reason why ancient people died early is related to both our evolutionary history and people’s lifestyles. To talk about the first part, if individuals of a species live longer than a certain average in the wild, it means a waste of natural resources. Therefore, nature plays a role in shortening the lifespan of species with the effect of Natural Selection. Man has broken this chain at a certain level. As for the way of life, we can say that people used to have a healthier lifestyle, because of the absence of technological devices or the lack of widespread use of them, the fact that people were constantly in physical activity due to agriculture allowed people to lead a healthier and more dynamic life. Despite this, factors such as people living in the past working under more severe conditions, and the fact that medicine was not as advanced as it is today, shortened human life. Today, even the radiation emitted from the electronic devices in our room adversely affects our health, and besides, hundreds of thousands of new cases that adversely affect our health have entered our lives. In addition to these, thanks to advanced medical science, we are able to overcome the bad effects of these phenomena and our lifespan is getting longer.

We started to receive the signals of life in the virtual world, which may have different effects on human life. It looks like we will spend most of our lives in the Metaverse universes in the near future. In order to spend time in these universes, we will be in touch with many electronic devices. It seems that as we search for a different life, we will move further away from the nature to which human nature belongs and we will suffer more damage. It is not yet clear how much physical effort we will have to take an active role in the Metaverse, but it will probably be less than today.

When we start living in the Metaverse realm, the lifespan of the human being may decrease or remain the same, if the precautions are not taken about the topics which are obvious and are not taken seriously enough such as radiation emitted by electronic devices, blue light which normally we can receive during the day but we receive every time in a day because of the screens of technological devices, laziness which is brought by technology and most likely will be increased when we start living in Metaverse, people getting further and further away from nature as highlighted by Sigmund Freud’s sentence “The price we pay for our advance in civilization is a loss of happiness through the heightening of the sense of guilt” and many more topics that we cannot count. Even though the lifespan of human being increases, how healthy humans will be during life or how much humans can live life with taste is ambiguous.

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I am a computer engineering student who develops himself continuously in AI field and wants to dive deep in this field. My aim is implementing awesome projects that combines AI and health fields.

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